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Sunday, 15 May importance of english language. Posted by milan at Email This BlogThis! Deepak yadav 23 October at Aamir Ansari 11 August at Unknown 9 August at Unknown 4 December at Unknown 2 January at Unknown 12 January at Unknown 19 January at Unknown 6 March at Unknown 7 March at Unknown 27 April at Unknown 28 June at Unknown 4 August at Rutvi Shah 23 December at Unknown 17 July at Unknown 29 October at Unknown 17 December at Unknown 1 February at Unknown 2 February at Unknown 19 April at Anna 6 May at Hardik Raj Shrestha 9 June at Unknown 16 September at Unknown 1 December at Unknown 27 November at Mishal 20 March at Unknown 20 December at Unknown 22 January at Unknown 4 February at Anonymous 6 February at Unknown 27 February at Subodh 21 March at Santhu 15 May at Khalid Babrakzai 18 June at As mentioned that in Iraq we most of the time follow the indirect teaching process which is more about grammar.

The grammar- translation method is used in my class beside the little use of direct teaching processes which is the forth skills listening, reading, speaking, writing. Some teachers think that language games are something that wasting the time of the students and it is not allowed to use it in the classroom.

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Since now and then they have been used for its only one component which is fun. Many strategies that are used to improve student's proficiency such ads role-play, drama, and visual aids. Games are alternate useful strategy to promote student's capabilities.

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What is a game? Byrne gave the definition to games as a form of play governed by rules. They should be enjoyed and fun. They are not just a diversion, a break from routine activities, but a way of getting the learner to use the language in the course of the game. Similarly, Jill Hadfield defined games as "an activity with rules, a goal and an element of fun. Continuously, Games include numerous variables: rules, relaxation, competition, and learning. The main focus of using game is to help students learn and have a fabulous time. However, to utilize game in the classroom, it is similarly essential that before playing the rules of the game unmistakably clarified and well understood by the students.

There should be only a few, well-explained rules. Demonstrations also can be very helpful because it can help students understand the game and help them follow the rules. Otherwise, they will misunderstand the purpose of the game and they may not get the benefits they should from the game. For example, if students do not understand the rules of the games called "Dictation Game" and just write without following the instructions, then it is just an exercise in copying, and it doesn't help students with accuracy, pronunciation, or spelling at all.

In playing games, competition is very important because it can stimulate and encourage students to participate in the activity since naturally they want to beat the other teams. As it happens, in the dictation game students run as fast as possible, remember as much as they can and speak as loudly and clearly as they can. They run quickly back and forth, trying to memorize the content as much as possible. While playing, students have fun, relax, exercise, and tease their friends.

Apart from having fun, students learn at the same time. They acquire new vocabulary along with its spelling and pronunciation. Students begin to realize that they have to speak or pronounce the words clearly if they want others to understand what they are saying. The advantage of game Even though games are often associated with fun, we should not lose sight of their pedagogical values, particularly in second language teaching.

Games are effective because they provide motivation, lower students' stress, and give them the opportunity for real communication. The main reason why games are considered effective learning aids is that "they spur motivation and students get very absorbed in the competitive aspects of the games; moreover, they try harder at games than in other courses". Naturally when playing games, students are trying to win or to beat other teams for themselves or on the behalf of their team.

They are so competitive while playing because they want to have a turn to play, to score points and to win. In the class, students will definitely participate in the activities. Therefore, it is possible for a teacher to introduce students. Students' attention and participation, they can motivate students to want to learn more. Moreover, they can transform a boring class into a challenging one. Another reason why games are often used in language classes is that they lower students' stress in the classroom.

In conventional classrooms, there is a lot of stress put on students trying to master the target language.

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There is a high level of stress in the classroom because students have to face unfamiliar or unknown grammatical structures, words, texts and so forth. Therefore, students often feel uncomfortable and insecure in class, which inevitably affects their ability to learn. As a result, games can help lower their anxiety, make them feel comfortable, and want to learn more. It is believed that when students play games, they relax and have fun.

Since students know that they are playing games and want to communicate efficiently t hey do not worry about making mistakes and do not try to correct them in every single sentence. When students are free from worry and stress, they can improve their fluency and natural speaking styles. Another advantage is increasing students' proficiency. Playing games in the classroom can enormously increase students' ability in using language because students have a chance to use language with a purpose in the situations provided.

Hadfield confirms that 'games provide as much concentrated practice as a traditional drill and more importantly, they provide an opportunity for real communication, albeit within artificially defined limits, and thus constitute a bridge between classroom and the real word. For example, look at the "Find Someone Who" game in which students have to ask classmate s the questions implied by the chart such as: "Can you swim? It is necessary for those who want to use games as a learning aid to be concerned about how to use them.

Hadfield suggested that "games should be regarded an integral part of the language syllabus, not an amusing activity for Friday afternoon of for the end of the term.

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In "Find Someone Who," students learn how to form questions and answers. Therefore, as we have seen before, it is quite a good idea to incorporate games in daily classes.

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  • For example, if teachers are going to introduce present tenses or conditionals, instead of teaching them in a traditional way, by simply telling them the rules, have them do some written exercises, drilling and answering questions , teachers may help students understand these forms of grammar by playing games, which can also meet all the requirements of the traditional classes involving learning rules, drilling and repeating. Moreover, students can take this opportunity to use them in real communication.