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Note Class Ascertainability Geoffrey C. Coates IV. Comment Jagged Edges Matthew Sipe. Comment Essential Data Zachary Abrahamson. Essay Bounded Institutions Yair Listokin. Hood v. AU Optronics Corp. Patrick Hayden. Article Criminal Attempts Gideon Yaffe. Essay Separate Spheres Cary Franklin. Essay A Revolution at War with Itself? John D.

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Jeremy Waldron. Feature Federalism as the New Nationalism A dialogue among a new school of federalism scholars.

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Comment Innocent Abroad? Review Why Protect Religious Freedom? Michael W. Marit Rehavi. Article Firearm Localism Joseph Blocher. Clinton Chris Michel. Essay Gideon Exceptionalism? John H. Wainwright Stephen B. Fairfax, Jr. Bruce A. Courts of Appeals Emily Hughes. Address Lessons from Gideon Erwin Chemerinsky. Article City Unplanning David Schleicher. Jed Glickstein. Article Parallel Exclusion C. Note Mere Negligence or Abandonment? Thomas Wendy Zorana Zupac. Matthew C. Note Confronting Crawford v. Washington in the Lower Courts Dylan O.

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Newmark David A. Bruce E. Feature Weightless Votes Joseph Fishkin. Article Rights and Votes Daryl J. Doug Lieb.

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Article What Is Tax Discrimination? Warren, Jr. Article Burden of Proof Louis Kaplow. Feature Democracy and Debt Richard C. Note Padilla v. Article Patent Inflation Jonathan Masur.

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Adam D. Feature Before and After Roe v. Note Publius and the Petition: Doe v. Article Taxation and Liquidity Yair Listokin. Daniel Hemel. Holdcroft, Jr. Note Deal or No Deal? Harris Associates Daniel S.

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Article Associational Speech Ashutosh Bhagwat. Brantley Webb. Hammons Hotels Inc. Benjamin Klein. Article Discrimination by Comparison Suzanne B. Tribute Judge Stories Heather K. Tribute Reinhardt at Work Benjamin I. Inter-Tel Jacob A. Comment Huppert v.

The Constitution in Crisis: What Would Madison Think of Democracy Today? (HD)

Ceballos Leslie Pope. Textron Jacob A. Zachary Hudson. Comment Regulating in the Shadow of the U. Comment Discovery Audits: Model Rule 3. Comment Constructing America: Mythmaking in U. Immigration Courts Margot K.

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Article Antibankruptcy Douglas G. Feature American Needle v. Note Strategic or Sincere? The winning essays offered critical analysis of the law concerning damages awards in the Courts and the duty of care in negligence, respectively. The Law School congratulates both students and thanks William Fry for its generous sponsorship of this prize. Nicolas Barber on the Principles of Constitutionalism. The symposium aims at examining the legal and regulatory challenges posed by financial technology.

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, smart contracts, robo-advisors, initial coin offerings are challenging incumbent practices and firms. The evolving field of FinTech gives rise to new investor protection and financial stability risks. These scholarships aim to support and develop gifted postgraduate students and will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, extracurricular accomplishments or contribution to society.

Navigating Privacy in a Data Centric World. Almost every area of technical progress today is reliant on ever broader access to personal information. Companies, academic researchers, governments and philanthropists utilise ever more sensitive data about individuals movements, health, online browsing, home activity, social interactions.

Its main objective is to gather updated and comparable information on the structures for dealing with the inspection of prisons across the European Union.

4 - Stories About Communism

How can tort law account for the harm of defamation? One answer to this question is to argue that our reputation is or is like property. While this analogy may make sense to tort theorists, particularly those seeking to give an internal account of tort law, it may not make sense to property theorists. In addition, it is not clear whether this approach fits with the case law. Whether or not thinking about reputation as property makes sense raises the question of whether tort law theory understands property differently than property theory does.

The Constitution of is the cornerstone of political and social life in Ireland. It defines the identity of the Irish people, establishes the Irish political system and protects a charter of fundamental rights and values. Compared to other constitutions, the Irish Constitution ranks highly for longevity, democratic stability and protection of civil and political rights. Interdisciplinary study at the postgraduate level is widely recognised as a highly desirable attribute for employers.