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What is the National Merit Scholarship?

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Each year, almost 10, students receive scholarships based on their PSAT scores and other accomplishments. How do you enter the competition? The first step is to take the PSAT no later than your junior year of high school. You must also be a U.

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How do you get a National Merit Scholarship? Each year, the top 50, scorers on the PSAT get commendation letters from the National Merit program, and 16, of those students qualify as Semifinalists.

The cutoff score for Semifinalists varies by state and by year. Semifinalists are invited to complete the National Merit Scholarship Application, which includes writing an essay.

Of the 16, Semifinalists, about 15, will be considered Finalists. About half of the Finalists will eventually be chosen as Merit Scholarship winners.

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What score do you need to become a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist? This depends on the state you live in. Each state has a preset number of Semifinalists, and once scores come in for students that determines the cutoff score for that year in that state.

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College Admissions Consulting. Roughly half of all Finalists each year are deemed National Merit Scholarship recipients, with approximately 7, students ultimately awarded the scholarship each year So how does being a National Merit Scholarship candidate impact a college application? March 1, by Christine Kenyon.

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National Merit Scholarship (How to Win It!): The Winner’s Guide

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